Chemipanda  Bio-Tech Co-,LTD

Was established in August 2010, the company is located in hangzhou city yuhang district sea park, is a complete technical team as well as the software and hardware facilities, research and development enterprises, specializing in high-end pharmaceutical intermediates, API and fine chemical research and development, production and sales.

Company research and development team to work closely with zhejiang university and other colleges and universities, and at the same time, after many years of exercise and accumulation, the formation of strong technical reserves, nearly three years research and development success rate as high as 90%, with a high level of comprehensive efficiency, can on time with good quality for the customer to provide multi-dimensional service.

Laboratory company covers an area of more than 1300 square meters, and with the southern fujian pharmaceutical co., LTD., a strategic partnership established in fujian sanming has won the Chinese GMP certificate of GMP, EU - and US - FDAEIR production base, for the commercial production of our company provides a strong guarantee.

Company attaches great importance to the commitment with the customer at the same time, strictly abide by the enterprise morals, live up to each of our trust. For talent to provide a complete skills training, career planning, competitive salary, benefits, has now formed a good corporate atmosphere, our employees and companies grow together and towards glory



Telephone: + 86-13777358366, 86-18268150871

Fax: + 86-571-85224801


Address: hangzhou yuhang district warehouse before 12 streets longtan road


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